My Delicious Pilgrimage to St. George Spirits

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My Delicious Pilgrimage to St. George Spirits – Now In the Magic of Technicolor (Film)!

FINALLY GUYS. FINALLY. My dreams have come true, and I have finally had the time to voyage to the shining beacon of artesian inebriation that is St. George Spirits.

Basically, it was all I could have hoped for and more. We were blessed with a wonderful enthusiastic and knowledgeable Spirit Guide and I got to wander around the hangar and perv all over all of the deliciousness that is their unparalleled product. I remember the first time I found myself on the distillery’s website (probably maybe after ingesting a significant amount of their pear eau de vie) and they introduced themselves as “distillation fetishists” and I was like YES. I must drink all of their beverages!

At any given time, at least 80% of my liquor supply (basically everything except my tequila and various miscellany booze from my Dad) is created at this magical place. So to be IN the belly of the beast, surrounded by barrels and stills and cases upon cases of various elixirs – and a thirteen foot shark – was basically a religious experience. And of course, to properly document my expedition, I brought the Polaroid camera along with several packs of film. I denied beautiful ladies the artistic experience of instantly(ish) gratifying Fuji 100c goodness in favor of snapping photos of shimmering, voluptuous vessels of iridescent elegance… This is how much real estate this place monopolizes in my heart of hearts.

Plus, there was a tasting at the end. And I was gifted some delicious bottles of goodness by the incomparable master distillers Lance and Dave… which I’ve probably already imbibed too much of. But I love distilled pears and apple brandy aged in Syrah casks. I can’t help myself.

So, without further ado, I present my favorite Polaroids from my adventure! Fingers crossed I can go back soon.